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Founded in 1947 by Elmer Larsen the original Ocean Beach Boat and Auto Upholstery shop was located on Newport Avenue in what now is a large Antique Shop. We like to call this area “Downtown Ocean Beach”. A unique little artsy community nested in along the coast just a few miles north of Lindbergh Field, known to the rest of the world as San Diego International Airport, and south of Mission Bay ( home of Sea World). Ocean Beach is one of San Diego’s best kept secrets. A place lost in the period of time known as “The Good Old Days”. From 1947 to 1957 Elmer ran the shop at this location. Just minutes from some of the worlds finest marinas and yacht builders, it’s no wonder boat and yacht upholstery has become such an important part of the operation.

Elmer ran ran the shop at the Newport Avenue location for about ten years and in 1957 the operation was moved into a garage on Voltaire that has since become an auto body shop. In about 1958 Elmer’s nephew Chuck Lindsey came on board to help with the daily rigors and the growing of the business with respects to building it’s clientele and it’s reputation for providing excellent quality and workmanship at a reasonable price. In 1965 OB upholstery moved to it’s current address, 4838 Voltaire Street, and in 1966 Chuck became Elmer’s partner in the business.

Ocean Beach Boat and Auto Upholstery continued in it’s growth, expanding it’s clientele and number of employees to handle the workload. Like most successful businesses OB Upholstery has always been as committed to the growth of it’s employees as it has been to it’s customer base. By providing a team environment and the support to meet the challenges OB has developed a crew of top notch craftsmen that is second to none.

In 2003 Chuck decided it was time to enjoy the fruit of his labor and retire. But not without leaving the business in capable hands. Chuck had too much of himself invested in OB Upholstery to just sell it for the money aspect of it alone. As good fortune would have it, Chuck had just the right guy in mind to take up the reins. Dave Skoglund, a hard working protégé of Chuck’s, and a person with 28 years experience, the largest part of which has been at OB had the background, experience, and character to do the job. Dave bought the business and continues to provide the Customers with the outstanding level of quality and service they have come to know and expect over the years from OB Upholstery. Chuck still stops by a couple of times a month to say hello and let everyone see how well he has adapted to his new and well earned lifestyle of leisure.