Just have a click around, Auto interiors are what we're all about...The photo gallery link in the menu bar will 
take you on a sight seeing tour of some of OB Upholstery's more recent projects.  The products & services link will 
give you a better idea of just how deeply involved in the Auto Trim industry we are, and why so many customers 
keep coming back and referring our good name and reputation to family, friends, as well as other car owners and 

     Whatever your motoring needs, if it's not auto body or drive train mechanics related we probably do it, or can refer
you to one of our reliable sources that does.  At OB we not only handle the leather, vinyl, canvas, and carpeting end
of it.  We work closely with our associates to ensure your powder coatings, chrome plating, gauges and instruments,
glass and windshield, and auto sound system needs are taken care of in a professional manner.  

     OB Upholstery also handles electro mechanical problems with Sunroofs, power windows and most any other power
 accessory malfunctions that may occur including convertible top and electric boot lid drive units and synchronization.

     So keep checking back to see what's new in the gallery, or just call or stop by to see if there's any way  we can be
of assistance.